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6 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Not Working in Windows 10

Windows 10 was launched in 2015 and brought us some new and interesting features. Considered by many as the best iteration of windows ever, windows got major new upgrades and new services such as cortana added onboard. While Microsoft added several new features, it forgot to work on several existing services that might need to be upgraded as well. There are issues that surround this new iteration of windows and a few bugs that make our lives difficult, most importantly “The bluetooth issue”.

If your Bluetooth was not able to find devices when you turn it on, then we would have to fix some settings to get back on it. Bluetooth not working has created issues when using our PC or laptop such as not able to connect to our bluetooth headsets, speakers, mouse, keyboard or any sort of wireless device. So to make our lives easier in terms of using wireless devices, some ways have been figured out to solve these problems.


These are some of the workable solutions for fixing bluetooth problem

1. Try removing and adding the devices

· Go to Control Panel and go to Hardware and Sound and Bluetooth Devices.

· Remove the device that is not working.

· The Add it again.

· Select My device is set up and ready to be found check box and click Next.

· When the device is found, complete the wizard setup.

2. Bluetooth Support Service (bthserv)

· Press Windows key +R to open Run Dialogue Box and type services.msc.

· There will a lost of services. Right Click on Properties of Bluetooth Support Service.


· Stop the service if it’s already running. Check Startup type and choose Automatic mode. This means the service will automatically start when the system boots up.

· Go to Login tab and click on This Account if not ticked. Then click on Apply.

· Restart the computer and detect the bluetooth devices.

3. Update and Reinstall Bluetooth Driver

· Search for Device Manager and go to Bluetooth Devices and right click on it for Properties.


· In the properties window, navigate to the Driver tab. you can easily uninstall, rollback or update the driver by clicking on the appropriate button and following the on-screen instructions.

4. Windows Hardware Troubleshooter

· Go to windows hardware troubleshooter.

· Click on Hardware and Sound.

· Select Hardware and Devices and follow the instructions.

5. Configure Bluetooth Features

· Use Win+I to launch Settings.

· Go to Network and Internet menu.

· Turn off the airplane mode.

· And turn on the Bluetooth.

6. Downgrading Windows 10

· Go to the settings.

· Go to Update and Security.

· Go to Recovery tab and go to Restart now under Advanced startup.

· Click on Troubleshoot.

· Click the Go back to the previous build option.

These were some tips to help fix our bluetooth woes and probably make our lives a little more easier, there has not been any major windows update that fixes all these issues all at once, however we hope windows acknowledges and fixes these bugs soon.








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